Power Up 2023


Power Up 2023 is Portland Wheelers’ most ambitious capital campaign to date seeking $150,000.

Portland Wheelers is Powering Up for the future.  We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that we continue to offer free rides to folks unable to ride a bike by themselves.

We are replacing our aging trucks and trailers with two new Ford E-Transit all-electric cargo vans. The vans will allow us to transport and store our trikes out of the elements and provide safer loading and unloading. Our volunteers will now roll trikes on and off the vans instead of lifting the heavy trikes.

We have moved into a larger and better garage space to house our trucks, trikes, and equipment. Now with more space for trike maintenance and our Level 2 EV charging station.

After several years of the board of directors running the daily operations of the organization, we have hired a full-time Operations Manager. Now the board will focus on steering while our Operations Manager will do the pedaling.

The Power Up 2023 funds will pay for the cargo vans and the first year of additional expenses for the new garage, insurance, additional staffing, and all associated expenses.  Increased expenses beyond year one will be included in our annual operating budget.

Power Up 2023 is an investment in our future and is focused on continuing the joy of Adapted Biking Fun!