A Look Back at the 2021 Ride Season

When our Portland Wheelers Board met via Zoom in March 2021 we really had no idea if or how we would have a 2021 ride season. The entire 2020 ride season had been canceled. In March many people were just receiving their first COVID vaccinations. We thought maybe, maybe, we could start rides in July.

A few weeks later our ride partners told us otherwise and with great enthusiasm, “We will be ready as soon as the weather permits, please get here and give rides!”

We scrambled, recruited and trained new volunteers, welcomed back our veteran volunteers, built a ride schedule, readied our trikes, trucks, and trailers, hired an awesome seasonal employee, and did the dozens of other tasks needed to start a season.

On May 17 we gave our first rides of the season and never looked back. Our volunteers were amazing, our ride partners were wonderful, and our wheelers were thrilled to be outside and riding.

2021 Ride Season Highlights

  • 1 Additional fleet of truck, trailer and trikes.
  • 3 Three new trikes put into service
  • 6 New Ride Partners
  • 26 Ride Partners
  • 73 Volunteers
  • 603 Wheelers
  • 1,706 Rides