"They are serving chocolate cake at lunch now. I love chocolate cake, but I'm not missing my bike ride for any cake!" 
June B.

Our wheelers are people unable to ride a bike by themselves. There are no age limitations for our wheelers. We have enjoyed riding with wheelers from age five to one hundred and eight! Many of our wheelers live in residential facilities or attend day programs that partner with Portland Wheelers to provide our unique ride experience.

We also serve individuals who may not be associated with one of our ride partners. Families and friends can bring wheelers to us for rides at designated locations in the Portland area.

Ideally, wheelers have enough upper body strength to sit up for the duration of a short ride.  Wheelers can seat themselves on our trikes or can be assisted by caregivers or family members to transfer onto the trike.

Mechanical lifts can also be used to transfer an individual onto a trike. The front half of our trikes can detach and serve as a free-standing wheelchair. This can be wheeled into a room where  a mechanical lift transfers a wheeler into the seat. The wheelchair is then reattached to the trike and we’re ready to go for a ride! Learn more about our trikes.

Various portable medical devices that may need to accompany the wheeler can be strapped onto the trikes.

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