“I’m inhaling and inhaling. I don’t want to exhale because I want to bring it all home with me!”
Marcia, Wheeler

Portland Wheelers’ rides are FUN!

May through October we ride all weekdays, morning and afternoon. On frequent Saturdays we ride with our Come To Us program.

All Portland Wheelers’ rides are group rides with at least two volunteers. We refer to the group of trikes and safeties as the pod, which always stays together as a unit. We also encourage wheeler families and friends to bring a bike and ride along with the pod.

Before the ride, wheelers are assisted by staff, family or friends to transfer onto the trikes. The wheeler is secured in the seat with a four point seat/shoulder harness and foot rests. Each wheeler is provided a bike helmet, and offered sunglasses and a blanket. Trikes carry water bottles and other supplies that may be needed during a ride.

Then off we go! Where the ride goes depends on the location. We ride on neighborhood streets, local roads, and trails. On warm days we may seek a cool breeze by the Back Cove or the shade on a wooded trail. We take routes with lively surroundings and stimulating sights. We may stop along the way to pet a dog, watch children play, or admire a garden. Volunteer pilots and wheelers may talk together for the entire ride or just occasionally. Some wheelers just love to sit back and enjoy the ride. Rides can run for any amount of time. Rides as short as five minutes or as long as an hour can be fun and therapeutic, though our scheduled rides usually last about forty-five minutes.

When the pod returns to our starting point, wheelers are beaming with smiles and bubbling up about what they have seen, smelled, heard, and felt on their ride.