Help Portland Wheelers Find a New Home

Portland Wheelers is looking for a new home base in greater Portland.
A garage\workspace for lease, sub lease, or lease to purchase.
Located within approximately a 10 mile radius from downtown Portland, including Falmouth, Westbrook, South Portland, and possibly Scarborough.
At a minimum we need garage space for our two vans with workspace for trike maintenance and equipment storage.
(A garage with room for just one van, space for trike maintenance, and secure exterior parking for one van may also work.)
One or two 10-foot-high garage doors.
Minimum garage space of 900 square feet, preferably 1,200 square feet or more.
Parking nearby for two or more cars.
Preferably heated, but not a requirement.
Availability of telephone line or CATV for installation of an alarm system.
Preferably with a bathroom or access to a bathroom.
Ideally has 240v electric service for our Level 2 EV chargers.
Ideally, but not required, the location and surrounding area would be suitable for us to host Come To Us rides and volunteer training on site.
If you are aware of any potential site, or know anyone who may assist us in this search, please contact us at or Call us at 207-400-9370